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About us

Clutch City Cluckers was founded by Ahmad Kilani, a native of Irbid, Jordan. Kilani immigrated to The United States in 2015 to continue his education and obtain a Masters Degree. While attending school as a full time student, Kilani also worked at Houston’s first Halal food truck. It is here that Kilani began to shape his vision and career in the food industry.

Kilani is now using his experience and knowledge of the food industry to bring Nashville’s Hot Chicken to Texas with Clutch City Cluckers. The food truck was part of Kilani’s mission to give back to Houston, the city which he states gave his career a major boost. Hence, the “Clutch City” part of the name is inspired by the nickname given to the Houston Rockets after winning both the 1994 and 1995 NBA championships. Even the logo, consisting of a chicken on a rocket, not only pays homage to the space city, but also Kilani’s vision for business to skyrocket and represent Clutch City nationwide.

Clutch City Cluckers specializes in Nashville inspired Hot Chicken Sandwiches, Cheese Topped Hot Chicken Sandwiches, Chicken Tenders, Loaded Fries and much more. The expanding menu is sure to keep your taste buds on your toes. Bring the heat or stay cool with various spice levels ranging from no spice to #CLUCKITLIKEITSHOT! 🔥

You never know where our next location will pop up! 👀